The Time is Now

We are facing a collective climate crisis. The time is now to choose the trajectory for our species.

I use the power of business and finance to help us meet the biggest challenges of our time.

I am driven by an insatiable curiosity, the ability to “hyper-learn” new concepts and ideas, and create synthesis, not just analysis. 

Today I use these talents to identify actionable, investible ways to address the Climate Crisis. My diverse skills help me break down complex problems and engage in reframing to identify profitable infrastructure investments for the Climate Adaptive Infrastructure Fund. 

Previously, I was a Partner at Fitzgerald Analytics, a boutique consulting firm where I helped a diverse roster of clients achieve their goals by creating the essential building blocks for action. 

Realizing that large-scale solutions would largely revolve around finance I also became a serious options trader, recognized as one the few industry female “rising stars”. 

I have also served as Chief Program Officer at Catholic Charities of the East Bay, and have helped craft and launch impact innovations with both large and small multi-disciplinary teams in a wide variety of sectors. 


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